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Yes, the world needs another side project

Comment proposer votre projet ?

L’objet de ce site est de vous permettre de présenter et de diffuser les projets que vous faites en dehors du travail.

Ce site à pour but de mettre en avant des projets de qualité, qui ne bénéficient pas tous d’une bonne exposition.

The purpose of this site is to allow you to present and disseminate the projects you do outside of work.

This site aims to promote quality projects, not all of which benefit from good exposure.

If you have a personal project, next to your regular work, a project that is close to your heart, and if you think your project belongs here, send me an email with a quick presentation as well as your most beautiful illustration photos or screenshots, and I will examine it carefully.

It can be the making of a nice desk, a Cosplay of your favorite character, a handy piece of code, a streaming line, paint or logo for an association, in short anything you are passionate about.

If I think your project is cool, I’ll send you a little questionnaire so you can tell me everything in detail, and I’ll put it all on this site.

Note: Your project will be reviewed by several people, and its publication is not certain. In addition to quality criteria, our editorial policy may lead us to postpone the posting of certain projects, or not to post them on the site. If this happens to your project, we explain our reasons as much as possible, but this is our final decision.

If you are still interested, send your projects!

Call for projects for the Sideproject Agency

Yes, the world needs a new side project.

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