The side project of side projects

Pourquoi ce site ?

Je fais des side projects. Des tonnes de side projects. J’ai même une rubrique de mon book dediée aux side projects.

Why this site?

I do side projects. Tons of side projects. I even have a section of my portfolio dedicated to side projects.

If I have created this new side project (wow so meta) it is because I know that I am not alone, that there is a life after work and that people do wonderful things when their creativity can be expressed, outside the corporate world, in imposed subjects, tight schedules and budgetary constraints.

The idea of this site is to enhance this bubbling, to show the beautiful things that can be done once released from our food work.

There are dozens of us…. DOZENS.

Like any good side project, the site is developed over time using the « keep it simple » + « release often, release early » method, and it will be enriched with new features and improvements over the time I could spend on it.

And like any good side project, I already had cool stickers of it because that was the most important thing.

Projects from other fields than communication or the web also deserve a little exposure.

If lucrative projects and $1 million startup ideas can find their place here, the idea is above all to offer exposure to projects that are not necessarily digital, or not necessarily the work of people who are familiar with communication tools.

**Ideally, the site should contain as many « real life » projects (associations, local…) as « online » projects.

This site provides an Internet corner for people to present the projects they are proud of in a readable and attractive way, so that the world can discover them.

This site also allows you to find ideas, unlock when you get stuck, find additional profiles to help you.

It is a small space dedicated to personal projects, far from commercial platforms, advertising and monetization. Contrary to what the name of the site suggests, it’s not a real agency, but we pretend to promote your coolest ideas.

It is also a place to put my favorites side projects in a warm place.

Take a walk on the wild side

If you are interested in all this, do not hesitate to contact me send me your project and I will send you a survey so that you can discuss it in more detail.

Call for projects for the Sideproject Agency

Yes, the world needs a new side project.

  • Do you want to show your wonderful project to the whole world?
  • Do you want to share your project ideas?
  • Looking for help?

Go to the call for projects page and send me a short description and some pictures of your project on hello@sideproject.agency.